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Women at the well

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Women at the well motivations background

South Africa as a country is faced with the epidemic of extreme social ills. These are repeatedly becoming an uncontrollable problem. A lot of moral degeneration and development programs had been initiated to reduce the spread of these social ills. These programs have only dealt with symptoms of the problem towards getting to the roots cause of the problem and programs to prevent these ills are yet to be seen…

Our purpose

To Serve our community and for women to know that they are born for a purpose, fearfully and wonderfully made.

Our vision

To uplift, empower and motivate women through motivational talks and to provide support through counseling

Moving forward

The women at the well motivations continue to serve the community and becoming a tool, and vehicle for women to find their strength, and address issues affecting them in their lives. It is a space for women to interact, net work and supports each other. We look forward to further strategic conversations

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